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Providing non-profit organizations with a virtual community where leaders and teams can connect, communicate, and collaborate on the issues and challenges that are essential to their success.

Help Build Community

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About Our Team

Our Essential Community Team provides a living example of a diverse group of individuals who have self-organized around a shared vision and become a highly efficient and effective team with a passionate desire to achieve our goals and carry out our mission.  Certainly, our collective expertise and experience are important components of what we are able to deliver.  We believe that it is our commitment to work together as a living example of our vision that sets us apart.  



Ken has spent the previous 20 years coaching small and family owned businesses through the process of growth and change.  He currently is helping non-profit organizations to utilize technology to implement an effective strategy to succeed within today's rapid change.  


Ken currently serves as the Executive Director for Help Build Community, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower other non-profit organizations to achieve a lot more through virtual collaboration.  He has a BA degree from Calvin College, a Masters in Social Work from Michigan State University and currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


   •  Ken assists clients with formulating online strategy, program development, and ongoing client relations.


Ken Steensma - Essential Community Team Leader

Mike specializes in helping business owners and self-employed professionals grow their business and capitalize on the marvels of Internet technology, including the Social Web.  

Mike’s background includes 6 years of teaching management, marketing, organizational behavior, and Internet marketing at two West Michigan colleges plus 20 years as an instructional design and training consultant serving clients across the U.S.  Mike has a BS in Business Administration and a Masters in Management, and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute.  He currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


   •  Mike conducts our Strategy Session and helps clients with program development, instructional design, professional writing, usability support, and
       Internet marketing.



Mike McGervey

Wayne first began building web sites in 1996 when the Internet showed great promise for research and delivering web-based learning.  He also works with Mike McGervey in providing instructional design services.  Wayne currently designs and builds the Essential Community Online Platforms.  


Wayne’s early industrial engineering and systems analysis experience have served him well in making the transition to web platform design, and to developing online knowledge access, interactive, collaborative, and learning processes.  Wayne has a BS and Masters in Industrial & Operations Engineering.  He currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


   •  In addition to building our platforms, Wayne provides technical support to clients and assists clients with program  development, instructional design,
       graphic design, and usability support.


Wayne Schaaf

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