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Providing non-profit organizations with a virtual community where leaders and teams can connect, communicate, and collaborate on the issues and challenges that are essential to their success.

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Dale D.
Dale is about to experience the true meaning of the phrase “connect-communicate-collaborate.”  His Leadership Theory Group has been exploring the File Cabinet materials and other resources. Tomorrow the group has scheduled a meeting where they will be Using Skype teleconferencing.  Dale downloads Skype (it’s free!) and finds he can access Skype right within the community platform.
Equally exciting is the fact that they can continue a discussion of key topics over the next several days using the Discussion Forum found in the Knowledge Center.
Learning Center
Skype enables individuals or groups to connect and communicate in real time.  When using the Discussion Forum, they can collaborate by asking questions or posting topics to which anyone can respond when it is convenient for them.  Those postings are show sequentially, creating what is often referred to as a threaded discussion.   
Skype & Forum

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