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Providing non-profit organizations with a virtual community where leaders and teams can connect, communicate, and collaborate on the issues and challenges that are essential to their success.

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Dale D.
Dale is part of the WSG Community Services leadership team.  He discovers that a Group has already been formed in the community.  He clicks on View Group and immediately signs up - and his membership is noted.
By forming a GROUP in the community, the WSG Leaderhip Team can access all of the other tools in the Knowledge Center, Learning Center, and Resources to work on projects and address issues that are important to them.  They can also organize other groups at any time to focus on specific projects or issues.

Everything they do can be shared on their group’s Activities Journal – where they can write notes, share links, add photos, upload files, and import RSS Feeds related to the group’s activities - similar to what each member can do on their Member Profile.
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(The group’s Activities Journal)
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