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Providing non-profit organizations with a virtual community where leaders and teams can connect, communicate, and collaborate on the issues and challenges that are essential to their success.

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Building an online Essential Community™
Online essential communities are Communities of Practice, built on the shared knowledge and the collaboration of members who have common interests, needs, and goals.  
Online Essential Community ... Where members can connect and communicate with people who share their challenges and interests, help create a rich database of collective knowledge and applied wisdom, and collaborate on activities and projects that help them achieve their goals.
Connect • Communicate • Create • Collaborate
The Challenges are many, and Solutions are harder to find.
Old solutions no longer work because the circumstances have changed ...

 √ Client populations are growing and
 √ Government funding is declining
      and becoming tightly focused.
 √ Pressures mount to provide
      measurable proof of service
 √ Government and foundations       
      increasingly require use of
      partnerships, alliances, and   
The challenges confronting non-profit leaders are significant under any circumstances ...

 • Building an active and strategically oriented board.
 • Recruiting and retaining loyal donors.
 • Establishing benchmarks for assessing service quality.
 • Attracting and keeping productive staff and volunteers.
 • Creating productive collaborative alliances.

The Internet is a great tool for finding information.  It is an
even greater tool for creating the type of collaborative
alliances that produce the
right solutions when and where
they are needed.  

We call those alliances essential community.
The online essential community experience goes far beyond social interaction.  Members use the wide range of tools available in different sections of the community to satisfy their desire to pursue goals, meet challenges, and solve problems in a collaborative setting.  
Dale D.
Lori S. and Dale D. have accepted their invitation to join the Online Non-Profit Leadership Community.

We invite you to follow their experience and discover how they use the variety of tools available to help them connect, communicate, create, and collaborate with other non-profit leaders.   

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