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Providing non-profit organizations with a virtual community where leaders and teams can connect, communicate, and collaborate on the issues and challenges that are essential to their success.

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Building an online community that becomes essential to the people you are trying to impact can occur in a variety of settings ...

□ Associations

 □ Chamber of Commerce

□ Training Organizations

□ Educational Institutions

□ Churches

□ Faith-based Organizations

□ Government Agencies

 □ Non-Profits & Foundations

□ Distributed Sales Force

□ Distributed Management Team

□ Distributed Work Team

The potential list is almost endless.  Any group that meets the above criteria can benefit.
Online Essential Community ... Where members can connect and communicate with people who share their interests, help create a rich database of collective knowledge and applied wisdom, and collaborate on activities and projects that help them achieve their goals.
Connect • Communicate • Create • Collaborate
How to determine whether a group is a candidate for an Online Essential Community...

√  The group is well defined by the affinity members
     share with one another.

√  The group shares common interests and needs.

√  Group members strive for success in their chosen
    activities and projects.

√  Group members would benefit greatly from having
    access to their collective knowledge and applied

√  A significant number of group members use the
    Internet frequently, and many are involved in online
    social or business networking.

We invite inquiries and questions from anyone interested in exploring how the Online Essential Community could be applied to their group or organization.  Once we have established your specific needs, we will be able to quote development and maintenance costs and help you determine the operational cost savings potential this platform has for you.


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